Let him eat cake


    Let me start off by saying I am PROUD of this blueberry cake and these photos. Last month, I had the honor to take this feisty little man’s photo and bake his first ever cake. His mom requested a blueberry cake because that’s his favorite food. She was not kidding…he L-O-V-E-S loves blueberries.  This little foodie grabbed one blueberry at a time, ate it, savored it, smiled and repeated. His little belly grew from all the blueberries, but once he discovered the sweet delight of cake, he managed to make room for the dessert. Then again, don’t we all have a secret “dessert tummy” (HA HA HA, oh Lord… I crack myself up.) By the end of the session, his belly was so big and round and the cake became a foot rest. He was one happy costumer. My job was done(mic drop!)
    What a high that day was! I had so much fun baking and shooting. Gotta love the chance where you can show off abilities.

IMG_0151 copy

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”-Edgar Degas


There is something so intimate, thrilling and even a little scary when you can share your art to others. Why scary? Because you are expressing all of you to the world; no hiding, no disguise, just emotions and your creativity. For me, baking and photography are my gifts that I have to offer to others and even myself.
I love when I crack an egg into my pink mixer(that’s creaming butter) and watch the vibrant yolk combining with the dancing ingredients, knowing that my creation will be consumed by someone.
Also looking through my camera lens, anticipating the right moment to release the marvelous sound of the camera’s click. BAM! I know I immortalized the memory.
If I can enhance your senses to another level then I know I did my artistry well. It’s an honor…NAY a privilege to share my passion, no matter how vulnerable and nervewracking it can be!
I will end this post by saying if you need a photographer or/and a baker, I am your girl! Let me be the one to feed you, have me take the photo for your mantelpiece or fill your chosen picture frame.

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