Let it snow

IMG_0018 copy

“Snow reminded me of the beauty and mystery of creation, of the essential joy that is life.”
-Orhan Pamuk


    IMG_0060 copy.jpgWow, It feels GREAT just to be typing to you all again! Snow is a rare treat for our family(let alone Middle Tennessee) and we rushed to take advantage of the splendor around us. Willow observed the snow and took every obstacle to avoid stepping into the snow (mission failed). Little Miss Muffet sniffed to her heart’s content while Babykins showed Teagan the wonders of falling snow.
   Just like the petals of a Cherry Blossom tree, the snow vanished as quickly as it arrived.  Here are the precious moments I  captured.

IMG_0057 copyIMG_0009 copyIMG_0005 copy

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