White Pepper Brioche


  Hi, my name is Holland and yeast intimidates me.  It’s true; I am embarrassed to tell you. That being said, making bread is neither a strength nor a skill that I am entirely familiar with. Pumpkin and Banana breads do not count, since they don’t require yeast (at least the recipes I use). So I promised myself that this Thanksgiving (which came and went fast) I would break out of my shell and make a loaf once and for all.
    I went with Christina Tossi’s Black Pepper Broiche recipe from my Momofuku Milk Bar book (say that seven times fast), however, instead of using black pepper, I used fresh white pepper and rosemary. Oh. My. Gosh.  I have died and gone to heaven! Hello! This bread is out of this world!  Since I got this recipe from the book, I can’t write down the recipe nor have I found a link to share with you. But I do recommend having the Milk Bar cookbook in your collection (just heads up, some of the recipes are over-the-top sweet, or at least they are for me).  It honestly was not hard to make. It makes me chuckle to think that I was nervous to try. I’m still unfamiliar with yeast but I am still willing to continue tackling making bread. In fact, for my next dinner party, I’ll attempt to make the dinner rolls.  Enjoy my photos and if you must try this bread, come to my home, and I will be happy to bake you a loaf.
   P.S. This Table Top decor was so picturesque I had to take a photo of it.
   P.P.S. I recommend listening to French music to set the mood with this recipe. The must-hear-songs are La Vie En Rose  (Except this cover is in English, but it is enjoyable) and La Foule  sung by none other than Edith Piaf.


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